Club Rules


The Club Secretary will issue membership cards to members in good standing. A listing of current members is posted on the bulletin board for use to assure that all persons, except for contests and guests, using the flying field are current ORCA members.


Yearly ORCA dues must be paid no later than December 31st together with proof of AMA membership for the next year to be in good standing for the following year. Flying privileges are suspended on December31st if ORCA dues are not paid and/or AMA membership is not current. Club membership is terminated on January 31st of the new year if both ORCA dues and AMA membership requirements are not fulfilled. Reinstatement of a terminated member will be made upon payment of ORCA dues and proof of current AMA membership.


The ORCA key is for access to the club's flying field. The ORCA key is never to be duplicated and must be returned if a membership is terminated. A $5.00 charge may be made for a replacement of a lost key and is available from the club secretary.


All members must abide by the included AMA Safety Code and by this ORCA community-based safety code. It is the responsibility of all members to assure that persons using the flying field facility are club members or their guests and that all flyers are current AMA or MAAC members. Guests with AMA or MAAC membership will be allowed to fly a maximum of two different times (2 days) before being required to become a member of ORCA.

New members will have a mentor assigned to get the new member started regardless of pilot expertise.

New members may only fly with the mentor until they can demonstrate they can perform, to the satisfaction of the mentor, the maneuvers in the Checklist for Solo Flight section. If a new member flies solo without demonstrating the basic expertise, it will be at his/her peril and without club support

Pilots shall fly from designated pilot station(s) and communicate their intentions to the other flying pilots for takeoffs, landings, deadsticks and being on the field.

A maximum of four powered model aircraft, excluding sailplanes, may be flown at any one time. Additional model sailplanes may be launched into free airspace only with the agreement of all flying pilots.


No 72 MHz transmitters shall be turned on without a club membership or AMA card properly placed on the frequency board. Violators of this requirement are responsible for any damage caused by not following this requirement. The frequency board requirement is not needed for 2.4 GHz transmitters.


Do not entry any Structure, all buildings are strictly off limits.

All members and guests are to sign the field logbook.

Open fires and overnight camping are not allowed without prior approval of Olympic Property Group.

No smoking at any time.

The last person to leave the flying field must insure that field gate is closed and locked and if road gate is open, leave open. If closed and unlocked, close and lock gate.

It is the responsibility of every member to remove all trash and garbage.

Due to safety concerns, dogs are not allowed

Engines are not to be broken-in or run continuously in the pits.


This checklist assures that a member possesses the knowledge and ability for safe, independent flying at any flying site.

  1. Knowledge AMA Safety Code and ORCA community-based safety code.
  2. Radio frequency control.
  3. Assemble of aircraft with all control functions operable Electrics - turn on transmitter, connect battery Nitro - start engine, tune and handle aircraft in the pit area
  4. Range check
  5. At flight station, communicate intentions to other flying pilots
  6. Taxi to position for takeoff
  7. Takeoff roll, abort and taxi to take off position
  8. Takeoff both field directions
  9. Trim aircraft for straight and level flight
  10. Fly standard airfield traffic pattern - both directions
  11. Fly figure eight pattern in both directions
  12. Conduct slow stall and recovery
  13. Demonstrate approach and aborted landing
  14. Landing in both directions (low and cross winds okay)
  15. Taxi back to retrieval Electrics - throttle down and discount battery Nitro - throttle down and shut down engine
  16. Retrieve aircraft

All members are expected to be an active and positive force for the successful operation of the club. They are expected when requested to participate in field maintenance and improvement projects or help in special events and to be respectful of DJ Cattle & Land LLC land, fellow members and their property.

All suggestions, questions and constructive criticism shall be addressed to any club officer.

January 2015