Section 1. The name of the Club shall be the Olympic Radio Control Association, hear-after referred to as ORCA and Club.


Section 1. ORCA is a non-profit organization to promote the sport/hobby of model aircraft flying in association with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The objectives of ORCA are to fly model aircraft, to experience the fun of the sport and to develop friendships with other members.

ARTICLE III — Membership

Section 1. The Club membership categories are:
  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Family
  • Emeritus
Section 2. Junior members are members under the age of 19 at the time of initial Club membership or as of the beginning of the renewal year, January 1.
Section 3. Family members include two or more immediate family members living in the same household.
Section 4. To qualify for Emeritus membership, candidates must be age 60 or older during the membership year and have been an ORCA member for at least the previous five (5) years, or must be approved by the Club President. Membership is the Academy of Model Aeronautics is not required. Emeritus members are not entitled to fly model aircraft at the Club field or in AMA sanctioned events. There is no expiration to Emeritus membership unless terminated by the Club President.
Section 5. All applicants for Club membership and continued Club membership, except Emeritus membership, must be current members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.
Section 6. Members in Good Standing must maintain membership in the AMA, adhere to the AMA safety code and support the objectives of the ORCA Club, including field protocol (See also "Safety Coordinator," below).
  1. Any member may resign ORCA membership by giving written notice to the President and/or Secretary-Treasurer.
  2. If any member ceases to have the qualification for membership in the AMA, his/her membership in the Club shall terminate, subject to reinstatement of eligibility.
  3. Failure to fly according to the AMA safety code is unacceptable and a cause for disciplinary action by the Executive Board. Any individual may be expelled from membership from the Club by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Executive Board if, in the Executive Boards' determination, such individual willfully commits any act or omission which is a violation of any of the terms of these Bylaws, or the Rules of the AMA, or which is detrimental to the Club, AMA, or to model aviation.
  4. Any member who is expelled from membership may be reinstated to membership only by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Executive Board.
  5. The Executive Board shall have the discretionary authority to provide for and to impose disciplinary action for such acts or omissions that do not justify expulsion from membership.
Section 7. Applicants for membership in ORCA must pay Dues at the time they also present their valid and current AMA membership.


Section 1. Annual ORCA dues Fee shall be established by Club vote.
Section 2. Membership dues for new members shall be pro-rated monthly through October. November and December shall be for the remaining current year and the following calandar year
Section 3. All dues shall be payable to the ORCA Treasurer no later than January 31st each calendar year and will expire on December 31st of the same calendar year.
Section 4. No flying privileges will be allowed until all fees are paid and proof of current AMA membership is presented.

ARTICLE V — Officers

Section 1. Club Officers shall be as follows:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary/Treasurer

ARTICLE VI — Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall provide executive management of the Club to ensure continuation of the Club objectives as stated herein. He/she shall preside at all Executive Board and Club meetings, appoint committees for the Club year and be ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall fill vacancies resulting in officials leaving their office prematurely. If the president resigns, the Vice President shall take over the un-expired term. If the Vice President is unable to assume the responsibilities the Club shall elect a new President for the remainder of the year. The President may make fiscal or community commitments for the Club without Club vote only when circumstances prevent the consultation of the membership (at a meeting) or other Club officers.
Section 2. The Vice-President shall provide executive support to the President and perform all duties of the President in his absence. The Vice-President shall serve as custodian of all Club property.
Section 3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall manage Club finances, correspondence and communications. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for all official Club correspondence, including notices to all Club members and officers of meetings. He/she shall keep accurate minutes at meetings, maintain a complete membership roster and be responsible for accurate receipt of Club funds and membership dues. The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain a solvent Club bank account, develop an annual budget, pay all invoices and bills incurred by the Club and deposit all funds received to the Club's bank account.

ARTICLE VII — Terms of Office

Section 1. Elected officers shall serve for a period of two years.
Section 2. Appointed officials, other than elected officials, shall serve from the date of appointment until reassigned or replaced by the President of ORCA.

ARTICLE VIII — Election of Officers

Section 1. Nominations for the election of officers shall be held during October.
Section 2. Election of officers shall be during November. Elections shall be by written ballot or a show of hands. Majority vote shall determine the winners. In event of a tie for any office, a separate written tie-breaking ballot shall be cast to determine the winner.
Section 3. Newly elected officers shall take office January first of the new year.

ARTICLE IX — Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers, immediate past President and others as may be appointed by the President.
Section 2. The Executive Board shall meet at a time and place agreed upon by Board members and hold such special meetings as may be called by the President or any two Board members.
Section 3. The Executive Board shall have the authority to act on Club business between general monthly membership meetings.

ARTICLE X — Permanent Standing Committees

Section 1. Newsletter Editor:
  • The Newsletter Editor shall accurately print and distribute all news and information pertaining to Club activities
Section 2. Safety Coordinator:
  • The Safety Coordinator shall be responsible for overseeing flying field safety and field protocol. He/she shall develop and maintain a Flight Training Program for new members.
  • The Safety Coordinator shall recommend to the Executive Board member(s) disciplinary action(s) for violation of ORCA field protocol or the AMA Safety Code.
Section 3. Field Maintenance Manager:
  • The Field Maintenance Manager shall be responsible for all field related maintenance

ARTICLE XI — Other Committees

Section 1. The standing committees and the basic duties of each shall be determined as needed.
Section 2. The President shall appoint other committee chairs as needed.

ARTICLE XII — Meetings

Section 1. All meetings shall be held at a time and place to be announced in the Club Newsletter or by email.

ARTICLE XIII — Special Funds

Section 1. The Secretary/Treasurer is authorized to receive contributions or specially obtained funds from any reputable person or organization. All special funds are to be applied to the operating expenses of the Club or be distributed as prizes at special events.

ARTICLE XIV — FCC Requirements

Section 1. If, as a result of any FCC rules or regulations, any monetary fines and/or forfeitures are imposed upon ORCA, the individual member responsible shall be liable to the ORCA Club for any said fines and/or forfeitures.

ARTICLE XV — Amendments

Section 1. Amendments may be made to these By-Laws at any regular or special Club meeting. Prior to making amendments all Club members must have been informed of such at least one (1) week in advance. Additionally, all proposed amendments must have been submitted in writing to all ORCA members.
Section 2. Amendments to the By-Laws may be passed at any regular meeting at which a quorum is in attendance and by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present.

ARTICLE XVI — Reciprocal Privileges

Section 1. All flying privileges, which members of the ORCA Club derive by virtue of their Club membership, are hereby extended to members of other Clubs that have established a reciprocal agreement with ORCA.

ARTICLE XVII — Dissolution

Section 1. In the event the Olympic Radio Control Association Club should dissolve, the net assets are to be divided equally among all current Members in Good Standing.
November 2023